I run my workshops the same way I do it personally. We will move away from emblematic places to discover new and interesting landscapes. My goal is to guide you in creating original images and, at the same time, help you see the final printed image in your “eye” before pressing the button.

You will learn especially my process to create powerful and dramatic images, starting with where to shoot and why. We will study how to master composition, understand light and image processing in Lightroom and photoshop.

Take one of my workshops and you will return home not only with beautiful photos, but also a deeper understanding to create remarkable works of art.

Learn photography to use your camera as a control tool, making the images you always wanted but did not know how.

In this intensive workshop I will advise you on the techniques and methods that exist both in the composition, control of the light and many small details that perhaps you had never thought.

A weekend of photography where theory + practice will be the keys for you to get out getting those photos of the best landscapes that surround us.

Matterhorn fly

Advanced: -Fashion or Sports

Concept of the course:

-What is photography?

-To teach what can be done. -Theory in classroom

-What do we use and what are we going to do?

-How to reach optimal results

Practice concepts:

-In the village, with models, flash, reflectors, natural light.

-No matterhorn photos, look for creativity around.

Watching images:

-See images, errors and success, the reason for things.

-Program the sunset, how to organize, biker, fashion, paragliding, 3 in three.

-Small edition

Sunset Sunrise:

-Gold hours, biker, paragliding, fashion.

-How, where, how to use flashes, remotes, helpers.

-Helpfuls, organize flashes, frames.

-How to play with elements (frames, compositions, tools)

Watching images:

-Very selective in selections

-See images

-Analyze images


Necessary material:

-Camera with manual option



-flash, radios …

Optional: Filters, remote…




Time table:


15.00-20.00h: Lunch-Theoretical class-Dinner


9.00-13.00h: photo town with models

13.00-15.00h: lunch time (free)

15.00-19.00h: go up to see the spots, use main light bulbs.

19.00-20.00h: Dinner

20.00-00.00h: sunset-night, with riders, fashion.


06.00-09.00h: Dawn, with riders.

09.00-10.30h: breakfast

10.30-14.00h: rest, go down to town.

14.00-18.30h: Theoretical class, Analyze photos, Photoshop edition.

18.30-19.30h: Dinner.

It includes:

Lunch dinner

Hotel-Hutt height with dinner and breakfast


Does not include:


Saturday lunch

Sunday lunch


Bookings and rates :